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With the advancement of age and the effect of gravity, sagging of the skin occurs naturally. For these reasons, findings such as bagging on the eyelids, loose skin, discoloration, loosening and wrinkles occur.

What is Blepharoplasty?

Eyelid aesthetics, or blepharoplasty, is an application applied to the upper and lower eyelids, where the tissues around the eyes are stretched, sagging skin and excess muscle tissue are removed. Blepharoplasty is performed by aesthetic and plastic surgery specialists.

Symptoms of Eyelid Aging

Human skin has an elastic structure, but its elasticity gradually decreases with age. As a result of the loss of elasticity in the facial skin, excess skin first occurs on the eyelids. Therefore, the first signs of age begin to appear on the eyelids. These symptoms cause a tired, dull and older appearance.

Some changes seen in the upper and lower eyelids with age:

  • Bagging and discoloration under the eyes
  • Upper eyelid ptosis
  • Wrinkles and sagging eyelid skin
  • Crow’s feet lines in the corners of the eyes
  • Tired facial expression

For people who want to have eyelid surgery for aesthetic concerns or functional reasons, blepharoplasty surgery can be performed only on the upper eyelid or lower eyelid, or both can be performed together.

Blepharoplasty is usually performed in combination with brow lift, forehead lift and endoscopic mid-face surgeries.

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How is Eyelid Aesthetic Surgery done?

Upper eyelid aesthetics or droopy eyelid surgery is simply the removal of excess skin and muscle tissue in the area.

An incision is made on the eyelid fold line so that the surgical scar is not visible. When applied together with forehead lift and brow lift operations, the result obtained will be much more aesthetic.

In lower eyelid problems such as under-eye bags, under-eye wrinkles, lower eyelid aesthetics, i.e. lower blepharoplasty, is performed. The lower eyelid is corrected through an incision created 1.5 mm below the eyelashes. Depending on the type of deformation, fat bags are removed, herniation points are tightened, the skin in front of the bagging is tightened or the tissues in the area where the bags are formed are distributed towards the upper part of the cheek. The incusion is sewn to the lash line so that there is no scar.

Frequently Asked Questions

The upper eyelid procedure takes an average of 30 minutes.

Eyelids are anatomically more complex than other aesthetic and functional parts of the face, so the operation requires meticulous planning and surgical technique.

The surgical procedure on the lower eyelids takes 1-1.5 hours on average, the most important factor affecting this time is whether any other facial procedure will be performed in addition to the eyelid.

Before the operation, the patient should inform the doctor and anesthesiologist who will perform the plastic surgery and all the details about the medications and general health status. The use of blood thinners, herbal teas, fish oils should be stopped 1 week before the operation, and special herbal cure applications should not be made. As with all operations, it is recommended to stop smoking and alcohol consumption at least one week before the blepharoplasty operation. This is very important for the healing process to go faster.

The edema that occurs in the first days of the healing process usually resolves by the end of the first week and the patient can easily continue his/her normal life in the second week.

In eyelid surgeries, incision scars remain on the upper lid at the full lid fold and on the lower lid at the base of the eyelashes. These scars become invisible in the upper lid after about 1 month, and completely fade in the lower lid after 2 months.

There is no surgery with zero risk, the risk rate is related to the general health status of the patient. For example, if the patient is a smoker, it may adversely affect wound healing. Or previous surgeries in this area or eyelid diseases may increase edema and delay healing.

Rare but possible conditions;

  • Bleeding: It is seen very rarely in some cases and requires intervention.
  • Blurred vision: It can be seen in the first few days, it is temporary.
  • More Tears than Normal: It is a condition that can be seen in the first few weeks, it is temporary.
  • Difficulty closing the eyes during sleep: It is a condition that can be encountered in the first few days, it improves as the swelling subsides.

The skin abundance that occurs over time in the eyelids causes upper eyelid drooping. This drooping can sometimes be too much to prevent vision. In this case, it is also necessary to be treated functionally.

There is no lower or upper age limit for eyelid surgeries. Minimal deformations around the eyes at an early age can usually be solved with non-surgical, non-surgical aesthetic methods. However, as the age progresses or the level of deformation increases, non-surgical interventions become insufficient. In this case, the definitive solution is eyelid surgery.

Eyelid surgeries usually have very good results and the recovery period is short and comfortable. The patient can return to normal life after a maximum of 3 days of rest.

Happy Patients

My experience with with doctor Unut erdogan and his team has been so amazing and I am BEYOND happy with my results so far, I’m grateful that i did my thorough research and that he was my choice. Making the choice to go abroad for this surgery all alone was a massive decision and it takes a big emotional toll on you, but Aysegul looked after me so well during the post operative care. Im happy to be contacted about my experience from anyone that is interested My IG username is @ceciliawhittakerbrows

I have wanted to have nose surgery for a long time, but I was afraid because I thought the process would be difficult. When I met Doctor Umut Bey, this fear completely disappeared. He provided detailed information about the process with the necessary equipment and experience, and I got a more beautiful nose than I imagined. I would also like to thank his assistant, Ms. Tuğçe, for patiently answering my questions day and night.

Hi, I'm Hazal and I had my nose operation exactly 3 weeks ago. Both before and after the operation I received very good advice from Dr. Umut Erdogan and the team. I am super satisfied with his work and am just happy. To explain the process: Before the operation we discussed what my expectations were (he exceeded them). Immediately after the operation I felt really good, I had no pain, just slight swelling, nothing else. Then I went home. After the first week the bandages were removed and I was allowed to look at my new nose for the first time and was just happy. Despite the fact that the nose is still swollen and takes a few months for the final result, I can say from my experience that I already love it. Thank you all <3 Great team 🙂

I had nose surgery 3 weeks ago and I am very pleased with the results🤗 My nose required reconstruction, Revision Rhinoplasty, i.e. a secondary surgery with a cartilage transplant and cyst removal, which contributed to finding the right and best specialist. With a clear conscience and hand on heart, I can recommend Dr. Umut to anyone!!! He is a master of his profession!!!🙌. I trusted him 100% from the very beginning. My nose is beautiful and looks better and better every day.😊 The whole stay in Antalya was a nice experience, apart from the surgery, I visited beautiful historical places, museums, Pamukkale, Land of Legends, I tasted real Turkish food. kitchen, beautiful memories!😊Thank you very much to the Doctor🙏🏻!!!and the entire clinic team!!!, nurses and ladies who took care of me!!!You Are wonderful!!!❤️ Thank you again!!!🙏🏻

From the beginning till the last minute they where so kind! The operation went well and the doctor did a great job! A big thanks to Aysegul who is really patient and lovely ! Dr. Umut did a great job on my node and i‘m so happy i did it by him! All of the team where so kind and they understand perfectly what you are asking for! I’m 2 weeks post OP and i already love my nose!! Thank u so much!

I’m nearly a month post op and loving the results! Dr. Erdogan is an artist! (and in my opinion undervalued at the moment). He is clearly very skilled but what I think distinguishes him from other doctors is his integrity. Our consultation was short cause he made me feel I could trust him so I didn’t feel I had to over-explain myself. He answered all my questions with honesty and confidence, which I really liked. Right before the op I got a bit nervous so I asked to see him again. He came to my room, explained the changes he was going to make and put me straight at ease. I really appreciated that. All went well and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Also his assistant Aysegul has been very helpful and always prompt to reply to my messages, no matter the time or day. Overall I had a great experience, and I highly recommend him! Thank you once again:)

Dr. Umut is extremely talented. He exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend. His team was amazing to work with.

Its been almost 2 weeks since my rhinoplasty and I couldnt be more happy with choosing Dr. Umut Erdogan for my surgery! Everything was perfect from the beginning. I traveled from Canada, I was very welcomed by everyone in the clinic. Everyone is sweet and I felt very secure through the entire process even though I wasnt in my own country. The entire team is amazing and they truly care about your needs and well being. Dr. Umut can really change a face, he’s a magician 🪄 Can’t wait to see the final result, even tho I already love what I see!

I want to thank surgeon Umut Erdoğan and his entire team of professionals for making the whole process , from the preparation to the final rehabilitation, it is easy and comfortable ☺️🙏🏼 although there is still swelling on the nose - I am already satisfied with the result, more confident in myself and regret only one thing, that I did not dare to have the operation earlier. Therefore, I can confidently advise this clinic based on my positive experience 👏🏼

One of the best doctors for me. Dr. Umut Erdogan and his team were very friendly and accommodating. The care and support around the clock is also simply great! I am more than happy. 10/10 from inquiry to surgery.

I did a lot of research and he was the doctor that pleased me the most. He does such a good job that he teaches many famous doctors. I'm already telling you that it will be very valuable in the future 🙂 My surgery process was very painless. He created a nose that I like so much that I can't let go of the mirror in my hand 🌸 I would also like to thank his team for their smiling face and sincerity 🫶🏼

I fulfilled my wife's wish for a nose operation. Through an acquaintance who is herself a patient of Dr. We became aware of Erdoğan and his work. The entire team is ultra nice and caring. The operation went smoothly and the tears of joy my wife had after removing the splint were indescribable. I can heartily recommend him 🙏

“Dr. I am grateful to Umut Erdoğan because he has been a really good doctor for me. He impressed me greatly with both his expertise and patient-centered approach. He guided me every step of the way throughout my treatment process and as a result, my nose had a wonderful change. He not only did an excellent job, but also inspired confidence with his friendly and understanding approach. Dr. “I can recommend Umut Erdoğan to everyone with peace of mind, because he is truly an expert in his field, experienced and a doctor who loves his job.” “Dr. Umut Erdoğan ist wirklich ein ausgezeichneter Arzt. Ich bin ihm sehr dankbar, weil er sich wirklich gut um mich gekümmert hat. Seine Fachkenntnisse und seine patientenorientierte Herangehensweise haben mich sehr beeindruckt. Während des gesamten Behandlungsprozesses hat er mich bei jedem Schritt begleitet, und das Ergebnis ist eine großartige Veränderung meiner Nase. Er hat nicht nur hervorragende Arbeit geleistet, sondern auch durch seine freundliche und einfühlsame Art Vertrauen geschaffen. Ich empfehle Dr. Umut Erdoğan, jedem mit bestem Gewissen weiter, denn er ist wirklich ein Experte auf seinem Gebiet, erfahren und liebt seine Arbeit.”

I am so satisfied

I’m 1 month post op and absolutely in love with my nose. I flew all the way from America just to be seen with this doctor and I could not have been happier with my decision. Not only is Dr Erdogan amazingly talented but he really listened during our consultation and gave me amazing advice on what would look best based on my features. He has the sweetest staff that made the entire process so easy and pleasant. I highly recommend this doctor and office to anyone looking to get a rhinoplasty. Thank you Dr Erdogan and your lovely staff for giving me such an amazing experience 🙂 <3

Had an amazing experience with Dr Umut and his team. His assistant Aysegul was extremely helpful and nice. Dr Umut understood exactly how I wanted my nose and I am super happy with the result. I was very scared but Aysegul and the other assistants made the whole experience pleasant. They are very professional.

In February I was helped by Dr Umut Erdogan in front of my nose, I was helped very well, I was made to feel at ease and the nurses were very sweet. dr umut knows exactly what he is talking about and knows what he is doing. Aysegul is a very sweet girl, she helped me through it and is always ready to answer all your questions! I would go to this doctor a second time!!

I have wanted to have nose surgery for years, but I was very afraid of the process. I had surgery a month ago and when I went through the process, I realized the unnecessary extent of my fears. My doctor is a very successful doctor. When I went to the interview, he made me feel that he could make me the nose I wanted and my trust was not in vain ☺️. Believe the words of my doctor Umut Erdoğan and his assistant Tuğçe, because I went through the process really successfully and beautifully. Everything happened as they said. I have a very beautiful nose that suits my facial features, I am very happy. If you want to have it done, you don't need to think much. I would like to thank my doctor and his assistant Ms. Tuğçe for their interest, for still being with me and for always answering my questions.🥰😊

I was operated on by doctor Umut Erdogan last week. I am very satisfied, he made a nose that fits my face exactly how I wanted it. During the process I was helped by his assistant Tugce. I could text and call her all day long if necessary. she is a great woman, she reassured me a lot and I didn't have to stress about anything. Furthermore, I definitely recommend Doctor Umut Erdogan. he is good at his job and knows what he is doing. I would like to thank Doctor Umut Erdogan and his assistant Tugce for this wonderful time and see you soon!

Hello, I am Zeynep, I had my nose surgery by Dr. about 2 months ago. Umut Erdoğan performed the surgery and explained in detail what to expect for me and how the process would progress. I had fears that it would be bad for nose surgery, but my doctor asked me to explain in detail what kind of nose I wanted and I got exactly the nose I wanted. I was very selective in the process of finding a doctor, I researched a lot of doctors, you too, like me, If you are obsessed, you should definitely choose doctor Umut Erdoğan. It is my second month and although my nose is edematous, it looks exactly as I wanted. I would also like to thank the doctor's assistant, Ms. Tuğçe, for listening to me without getting bored and answering all my questions instantly, and for always being with me throughout this process.

I am 2 week post operation and I am absolutely in love with my nose already😍 it is truly life changing! Dr.Umut and his assistants (especially Aysegul) have been amazing! I was not sure which doctor to choose as I felt like every doctor was just agreeing that they can make the changes, but Dr.Umut named every part of my nose and point by point explained what changes can be made to suit my face. I traveled from Germany, I was very nervous and scared but after meeting Dr face to face and explaining everything in more detail I was 100% sure with my decision and super excited for the next day. The day of the surgery I was nervous again but before I knew it it was done! 1 week stay in Antalya and I was ready to go home happy 🙂 My experience and results were better than expected! Thank you 🙏

Such an amazing team! I felt so comfortable during the entire process both pre and post operation! Dr Umut listens to his patients and has given me everything I’ve asked for and Aysegul is great to communicate with and answers any question I’ve had to ask! Couldn’t asked for a better experience thank you so much!!!

He is a wonderful person with his energy, knowledge and experience. He is a doctor who made me say that I am glad I had the surgery that I had been afraid of for years and with his patience and answers to every question I asked after a single meeting. His dear assistant is also friendly and very caring like himself. Thank you for everything. I am glad to have met you❤️

Dr. Umut Erdogan and his assistant Aysegul truly stand out in their field. Their unparalleled skill and compassion turned what could have been a stressful experience into a smooth journey towards better health and beautiful nose. Their attention to detail, clear communication, and genuine care made all the difference. I am deeply grateful for their outstanding service and would recommend them to anyone in need of top-notch surgical care. Thank you for everything! - Lejla Seghair 😀

I had a rhinoplasty surgery performed by Mr. Umut in September 2023. I would like to thank him and his team very much. Especially the lady who took care of me after the surgery and Ms. Tuğçe💜💕 I am very happy and satisfied with the result.. My nose is exactly what I wanted.. Although it is still edematous, it looks very beautiful. And I'm sure it will look more perfect after 1 year. I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Umut and his team. I would like to thank his team, hospital staff, and Mr. Umut, the beautiful architect of my nose, for taking care of me again 😍💕💜

Today I removed my second cast and I got in touch with my new nose. I literally love it. Just 11 days after my surgeon my nose is amazing. Is not a painful process, just a bit of swallow and livid appeared but they are nearly gone. Dr Umut is a very skillful professional and made my dream come true. Asygul his assistent is a real angel. She is caring, reassuring and is always available! The whole team was very nice and caring. I really recommend this clinic. Seeing the result I would do it 100 times. Thank you very much ❤️

I'm very happy with my nose surgery by Dr. Umut. I didn't experience too much swelling and almost no pain. The Dr and his team are so professional and his assistant Aysegul is very patient and answers all my questions. The whole team are so caring and kind and I highly recommend this doctor if you are considering rhinoplasty.

Doctor is a magician! Operation was so accurate and painless. Thanks for everyone who assisted me, the assistant Aysegul was so kind and explain to me everything so detailed so I recommend specialist Dr. Umut Erdogan 100%!

"I had my nose job done by Dr. Umut Erdogan and I am totally satisfied. Everything went smoothly, without any complications. The doctor and the team were super friendly and helpful. They explained everything I needed from start to finish "I had no pain whatsoever after the operation. I was surprised at how quickly I recovered even after the operation." The end result turned out super natural, exactly as I imagined. 🫶🏼

It's been 1.5 months for me and I'm very pleased, I'm glad I had it done, I tell myself every day. And I made the best decision about the doctor, thank you very much doctor Umut, thank you very much, you made the nose I have dreamed of all my life 🙏 it is the most logical and correct decision in my life. I would also like to thank the doctor's assistant Ms. Tuğçe, she helped and supported me during the surgery process because I was very scared and excited but there was nothing to fear, I'm glad to have you 🥰🙏

About 1 month ago Dr. I had rhinoplasty and bichectomy surgery performed by Umut Erdoğan, and although it has only been 1 month, the results are excellent. I am very happy that I got exactly the result I wanted. I highly recommend it. I would like to thank my teacher Umut and his team 💓💓

About two and a half weeks ago I had surgery here and I love my nose so much already. Dr. Umut Erdogan did literally exactly what I asked for. He’s seriously such a talented surgeon. Everybody was so sweet at the clinic and his assistant Aysegul made me feel so cared for and comfortable she was there and reassuring me every step of the way. She’s an absolute doll! It was truly just an overall positive experience for me and everything I hoped for. Thankyou so so much. So grateful!!!

2 weeks ago I had rhinoplasty carried out by Dr Umut Erdogan. The doctor carefully listened to the changes I wished to make and advised me on what changes would suit my profile. Doctor’s assistant Aysegul has been actively providing detailed information on aftercare, and stays in contact after surgery which is quite reassuring. The whole team, including nurses have been kind and had a gentle approach.

I am so happy to have done my nose at Dr. Umut. Dr and his assistant were super professional from start to finish of the trial. I asked for a natural nose and that's exactly what I got. I wasn't swollen at all, I didn't have any pain. Even after 2 months of operation, they still write to me to check on me and see how I am progressing. I highly recommend this doctor

About 15 days ago, Mr. Umut performed my nose surgery. He explained everything, positive and negative, in detail and offered his suggestions, and performed my combined nose surgery with chin and forehead fat filling. (I can't get enough of looking in the mirror even though my edema has not gone away yet :)) First of all, the team is excellent, they took care of me so well that even though I was very afraid, I went into the surgery very easily, all my worries went away, their care continued the same after the surgery, I was very pleased, the pain and ache did not disappear at all, and you can go without fear. An address, thank you very much again, I'm glad I found you.

I would like to start my sentences by thanking you for the incredible experience. I would like to thank my doctor Umut Erdoğan and his team, who made me say this as soon as I saw his sincerity and answered my tons of questions professionally without getting tired. Thank you very much for increasing my self-confidence and for always being by my side throughout this process, and most of all for helping me have the nose of my dreams. Glad you are 🙏

Dr. Erdogan is a fantastic surgeon!! My nose surgery could be any easier and happier process! Coming from the U.S was really worth it! His team is also very professional and PATIENT! They answer ALL of your questions! I mean ALL! Dr. Erdogan is very competent. I saw results from patients in the U.S, and honestly they are not comparable with the results that I saw from his patients! I asked for a natural nose, and I have one now. My snoring got solved. I can breathe much better now. I had ZERO bruises or red eyes. Just very little swelling of face which went away after one week. Thank YOU, Dr. Umut and your kind team!

I am very happy with everything. Everyone gave me very good advice and was very nice. I had no pain. I really like my new nose and wish I had done it much earlier. If you want to do your nose I would recommend this doctor! 🙂

During the first examination, he answered the questions in my mind before I even asked them. My biggest concern was having a nose that would suit my face, and the result was exactly what I wanted. I would like to thank my doctor who is sympathetic and does his job well.

I had nose surgery 2 months ago. I had trouble breathing and had a slightly humpy nose. There were doctors in Antalya and surrounding provinces that I researched for months. Then I met Mr. Umut. I'm glad I met you. I was very curious about how it would be after the surgery. There was no swelling or even bruising. I can breathe very easily now and I have a natural nose 🙂 My process went really well. Dr. I would like to thank Mr. Umut, his nurse friends and Assistant Kübra Hanım for the service they provided.😊

2 weeks ago, Umut Hodja performed my rhinoplasty surgery, my pain was almost non-existent, and my bruising and swelling were minimal, I had a nose exactly as I wanted, thank you to my teammates and Umut Hodja 👌

I am very glad that I had rhinoplasty with this doctor, he saved me from my complexes. They changed the shape of my nose and straightened the septum. It turned out very natural, even better than I imagined. Everything went quickly and painlessly, Dr. Umut Erdoğan is a true professional in his field👍🏻 I recommend it to everyone 🫶🏻💯💯💯

I made a gift for myself on February 14th 😂 I made my wonderful dreams come true with the doctor. By doing septorhinoplasty, I got a beautiful little nose quickly and without any problems!!! I would like to thank my doctor Umut Erdoğan!!!

It is a doctor that those who really want to have surgery can go to with peace of mind. He is a doctor who takes good care of himself and can give you the nose you want. He welcomes you in a friendly, sympathetic way. The place is extremely caring, from the doctor to the nurse. I was very pleased. I am a doctor myself and I would like to thank Mr. Umut very very much.

I am very satisfied with Dr. Umut Erdoğan. He is very accommodating and gave very good advice. I can definitely recommend him! My nose has become very beautiful! I had no pain at all.

I had a very successful nose surgery with Dr. Umut, he is the best doctor in his field, I was very pleased, I would definitely recommend him to everyone.

I highly recommend him to everyone, he is an excellent doctor. I'm glad I chose you, I'm glad to have you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

He is a friendly and caring doctor. I recommend him.

He was a doctor who was praised a lot in his comments, which I found at the last minute. Since it was my first surgery, I was very excited, they were very helpful, I needed to have the surgery at an early date due to my job, they made a special effort for me and managed to bring the date forward. He is a warm-blooded doctor that you can trust with your eyes closed and is very good in his field. My surgery process was not difficult at all, I found answers to all my questions, regardless of the time. My questions are, I'm glad I found you, thank you very much for your efforts, it's a place I would highly recommend to everyone, they are like family 🥰

I would like to thank Mr. Professor for his interest. In addition, the courage he gave before the operation and his ability during the operation deserve appreciation. He is a teacher that everyone can trust blindly. I wish him success...

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